Aerospace – Hall Effect Thrusters

Aerospace – Hall Effect Thrusters.

Ceramics are used more and more often when it comes to aerospace applications. One of the interesting uses of Boron Nitride is in space propulsion – Hall Effect Thrusters. Boron Nitride is used to line the chamber wall where the magic happens.

Boron Nitride is non-wettable by molten metals so has a “low sputtering yield” giving it a longer life when compared to other materials (e.g. Stainless Steel, Alumina and Borosil (BNSiO2)). It is also able to better withstand the constant bombardment of xenon ions that generate the thrust. Our Boron Nitride grades have secondary ion emission, outgassing rates, and sputter erosion resistance that make it an excellent choice for this application.

Another advantage of BN is that it is relatively lightweight material; a major factor when considering anything being used for space.


Hall Thruster - technical ceramic boron nitride


Hall Effect Thruster Boron Nitride