Precision Ceramics manufactures and supplies custom technical ceramic heat sinks, spreaders & exchangers. Aluminum Nitride and Macor (Machinable Aluminum Nitride) are the best material for ceramic heat sinks due to their excellent thermal conductivity & volume resistivity. Additionally, Aluminum Nitride has thermal expansion properties that match many electronic materials, ensuring optimal performance and easy integration.

Advantages of Ceramic Heat Sinks

Ceramic heat sinks are being adopted because they can quickly and efficiently remove heat from highly sensitive components found in electronic devices. This has the effect of making the device run cooler, thereby increasing the products lifespan, efficiency, reliability and performance.

Custom Ceramic Heat Sinks

Precision Ceramics custom heat sinks can be made to precise customer specifications to ensure optimal product performance. We have extensive experience with technical ceramic thermal management systems being used in lasers, circuit boards, audio devices, and more. Aluminum Nitride can be metalized which opens more possible applications and design options than with other materials.

Ceramic Heat Sink Applications

  • LED Lighting
  • Diode Lasers
  • Electronic equipment
  • Audio Equipment