Custom Ceramic Plungers & Pistons

Precision Ceramics manufactures custom ceramic plungers and pistons for fluid pumping systems. Depending on the specific application and requirements, our plungers are typically made from Zirconia, Silicon Nitride, or Alumina. Ceramic plungers and pistons work very well in demanding applications like chemical, saltwater, and metering applications. Precision Ceramics can offer exceptionally high surface finishes to very tight tolerances which can drastically increase the products lifespan, reliability, accuracy and efficiency. Our ceramic plungers are totally customizable to our customers specifications and needs.

Advantages of Ceramic Plungers & Pistons

  • Very high resistance to wear & abrasion
  • Low wear means fewer particles contamination the dispensed fluid
  • Can be machined to incredibly close tolerances, ensuring precise filling accuracy every time
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient — ideal for use in CIP/SIP conditions
  • Very low coefficient of friction means higher efficiency and can be run dry without seizing or causing permanent damage
  • Can be run at high temperatures
  • Resistant to corrosion and chemically inert

Zirconia Plungers and Pistons

We can offer Zirconia plungers and pistons that are matched to custom metalwork with micron precision. In addition, we offer both Yittria and Magnesia stabilized Zirconia to ensure we have an appropriate material for every application.