Technical Ceramics in Medical Scanners

Medical imaging technologies like X-ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, PET, and SPECT scanners play a vital role in modern healthcare diagnostics. However, the functionality of these machines relies heavily on a class of materials often overlooked – technical ceramics (also known as advanced ceramics).

These engineered ceramics offer a unique synergy of properties that make them indispensable for various components within medical scanners. Their exceptional electrical resistivity, mechanical strength, and environmental tolerance contribute significantly to the performance and safety of these diagnostic tools.

Precision Ceramics has been supplying a range of ceramic materials into medical imaging systems over the course of 3 decades. The unique properties of these ceramics enable them to withstand:

  • The powerful magnetic fields generated by MRI systems.
  • The radioactive environments present in PET and SPECT scanners.
  • The high-energy demands of X-ray generation systems.
  • The extreme cryogenic temperatures encountered in certain MRI configurations.

Ceramic Materials used in Medical Scanners

Some of the most common ceramics supplied for medical scanners include Shapal Hi M Soft, Macor, Alumina, Aluminium Nitride and Boron Nitride. The optimal ceramic material will depend on the specific function of the component within the scanner (e.g., X-ray tube housing vs. ultrasound transducer).

As medical imaging technology continues to evolve, the development and application of even more specialized ceramic materials is likely to play a growing role in future advancements.

Shapal Hi M Soft

Shapal Hi M Soft™

Machinable AlN

Shapal Hi M Soft is a hybrid type of machinable Aluminum Nitride (AlN) ceramic that offers high mechanical strength and thermal conductivity.

Macor Brand Image


Machinable Glass Ceramic

Macor is a hybrid glass-ceramic with the machinability of a metal, and the performance of an advanced technical ceramic. Macor is an excellent thermal and electrical insulator.

Alumina CeramAlox



Alumina, also known as Aluminum Oxide, is a hard wearing advanced technical ceramic material with strong electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties and suitable for a variety of applications.

Aluminum Nitride Brand Image

Aluminum Nitride


Aluminum Nitride (AlN) is an excellent material to use if high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties are required -- an ideal material for use in thermal management and electrical applications.

Boron Nitride Grade PCBN1000 Brand Image

Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride Grades

Boron Nitride (BN) is an advanced synthetic ceramic material available in solid and powder form. It has outstanding thermal conductivity and is easy to machine.