High Temperature Ceramic Heaters

Precision Ceramics USA represents Thermic Edge in the USA with their High Temperature Heaters, Heater Stages, Furnaces, and Ceramic Coatings. Custom designs are also available.

Sample Heaters

Heaters with options for ultra high vacuum, high vacuum, inert gas and air operation, at a range of temperatures, for sample heating and semiconductor research.  These heaters come with a range options from power supply to sample holding, to meet the most demanding applications.

Heater Stages

Heater stages offering a full range of options from atmosphere, orientation, heater size, rotation, and sample transfer, giving the most flexible solutions to meet customer requirements.


Furnaces with up to 3000C capability, with Graphite and Tungsten crucible options, small benchtop furnaces, and a range of options allowing the furnace to be customized to meet customer requirements.

Ceramic Coatings

Sole manufacturer of high purity Cubic Silicon Carbide and Cubic Titanium Carbide ceramic coatings that can be applied to purified graphite, ceramics, and refractory metal components.  These very high purity coatings are mainly intended for use in the semiconductor and electronics industries, for protecting wafer carriers, susceptors and heating elements from corrosive and reactive environments such as MOCVD and EPI processes, used for wafer processing and device manufacture. The coatings are also suitable for vacuum furnaces and sample heating in high vacuum, reactive, and oxygen environments.