Buy Custom Technical Ceramic Tubes & Pipes

We manufacture & supply advanced technical ceramic tubes and pipes custom machined to your specific design. We are happy to make custom advanced technical ceramic tubes & pipes from any of the materials we offer.


The available dimensions depend upon the material required and quantity. Precision Ceramics can make custom create ceramic tubes, however, this can be costly if the size is irregular and the quantity is low. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will be happy to help you.

About Ceramic Tubes & Pipes

Ceramic tubes are finding their way into more and more application due to their highly desirable mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Ceramic tubes can be used in extreme environments unlike many other materials. Precision Ceramics has a wide assortment of tube sizes available; depending upon the material, we can machine tubes with incredibly tight tolerances (depending on the object size & material) and add special features like tapering, flanges, holes, threads, or slots. Additionally, Precision Ceramics has standard size Alumina Tubes available in a variety of sizes and purities. Other materials may be available in custom dimensions and specifications. We are happy to offer material design & application assistance for any special requirements.

Ceramic Tube Properties & Advantages

  • High dimensional tolerances
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Very high working temperatures
  • Excellent thermal shock properties

Ceramic Tube Applications

  • Furnace work tubes
  • Kiln furniture, components & accessories
  • Thermocouple protection tubes
  • Heater Support Elements
  • High Temperature Electrical Insulators
  • Extreme temperature measurement components
  • Ceramic Laser components
  • High voltage electrical insulators

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