Advanced Ceramic Industries

Advanced ceramics, also known as technical ceramics, are high-tech materials supporting the industries of the future. They give vital contributions to numerous high-performing industrial products across the globe due to their high strength, high operating temperatures, toughness, and machinable characteristics.

Often used in hidden, niche or specialist components, advanced ceramics are hugely important as they unlock performance in demanding environments over a wide range of industrial sectors. Precision Ceramics has specialist capabilities in providing advanced ceramic solutions for Space, Scientific, Medical and the Environmental sectors.

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Technical ceramics have long played an important role in environmental applications. A wide and ever expanding range of green technologies are bringing improvements to the atmosphere and our environment, reducing carbon output, and promoting sustainable technologies.


Ceramics have many properties that make them ideal for medical and cancer research applications because they are non-magnetic, do no conduct electricity, and do not out-gas. Ceramics are chosen for their critical functionality and reliable performance in the field

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The ability of technical ceramics to survive and deliver consistent performances across a range of research from the latest fusion science to advanced particle physics, high energy lasers and cryogenic research shows the scope and capability of the materials we offer.


The space sector poses distinctive engineering challenges due to the hostile environment of outer space and advanced ceramics offer the solution. Precision Ceramics helped design and manufactured a series of highly technical ceramic components using Shapal for Bepicolumbo, an unmanned spacecraft sent to the planet Mercury, among many other similar and exciting projects.