Ceramics for PPE & Health Protection

Most products available are printed in some way. Ceramics are used in the digital printing process as they are designed to satisfy the demand for the need of high speed and quality in commercial printing. Ceramic parts are used in many different printing applications including digital inkjet printers and can support solutions for a range of printing demands.

Printing using ceramic parts have been instrumental in the printing of PPE. This includes the marking and coding of masks, respirators, gloves, bottles for fluids e.g. hand sanitiser and a range of other industrial or personal protective equipment (PPE). The printing and supply of these products have been in high demand with the COVID-19 pandemic and are likely to remain in high demand in the future.

When printing for Health Protection it is vital that products are marked and coded accurately and consistently. This accuracy especially when completed in high speed environments will comply with industry regulations without compromising the quality and reliability of the product. When high quality, accurate printing is produced especially in the Health Protection sector it will increase consumer confidence in the products.