Ceramic Brazing & Joining

Ceramic Brazing

Brazing is a process where two pieces of ceramic are fused together by melting a thin and uniform layer of metal over the ceramic joint. This process has proven to be a very strong and reliable way of creating sophisticated ceramic structures that otherwise would be very costly or impossible to produce.

When brazing, it is important to consider the type of metal being used in the joint, as the coefficient of thermal expansion will become very important as the metal and ceramic contract and cool in different ways. Additionally, when designing a ceramic joint, it is important to try and keep the ceramic component in compression as ceramics perform best under this load.

Ceramic Joining

Technical ceramics are difficult to bond to other ceramics or metal structures due to their strong ionic and covalent bonds. Fortunately, Precision Ceramics has years of experience using proven joining techniques to bond technical ceramics. The technique used to join the ceramic is typically chosen depending on the specific requirements of the joint and how difficult it is to create.