The Magic of Mazak

by | Feb 15, 2018

Mazak Machines

To meet the increasing quality demands of our customers, Precision Ceramics has consistently invested in the very latest state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. As a result, a bank of multi-station machining centres now stand side-by-side at our UK headquarters in Birmingham allowing us to produce even the most complex of technical ceramic components efficiently, economically and to the very highest specifications.

As you would expect from such a high-tech manufacturing operation, drilling, grinding, milling, tapping, threading and turning are all standard everyday processes but recent investment has allowed the introduction of 4th and 5th axis machining centers, significantly increasing the versatility of our manufacturing process. So much so that now, after detailed programming by our highly-experienced operators, a block of raw technical ceramic material can be loaded into one of our machines and half-an-hour later, a complex bespoke component can be complete and ready for final inspection.

Nowadays the majority of the state-of-the-art machines which grace our shop floor are manufactured by the Japanese Yamazaki Mazak Corporation.

Yamazaki Mazak was established in 1919 and in nearly a century of operation they have made a significant contribution to the development of the machine tool industry as a leading global company. Yamazaki Mazak manufactures not only advanced machine tools such as multi-tasking centers, CNC turning centers, machining centers and laser processing machines but also automation systems with the concept of ‘done in one’ to support global manufacturing by providing exceptional productivity and versatility.

The company began the establishment of overseas facilities in 1974 and today, Yamazaki Mazak has five manufacturing plants in the China, Singapore, the UK and USA. Through this global network, Yamazaki Mazak has been supplying high quality before and after-sales service and support developing strong relationships with customers all over the world.

It is on the basis of these strong relationships that a dedicated video has been filmed at Precision Ceramics HQ in Birmingham to record our technical ceramic component manufacturing operations on behalf of Mazak. A YouTube version of the case study has now been launched narrated by Precision Ceramics Business Director, Geoff Randle.

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