Ceramics for Medical Instruments

Ceramic is an ideal material to use for high performance products as it has superior dimensional stability, strength and hardness. Parts made from ceramic are resistant to extreme heat, physical and chemical wear and corrosion during processing. This ensures that they meet tough approval standards and can be used in many processes including applications in Aerospace, Medical Equipment and General Industrial applications

High quality ceramic parts can be produced to meet the individual needs of customers. These can be produced to meet high specifications using unique materials that are also moisture resistant with zero porosity and non-outgassing.

Precision Ceramics provides components and sub-assemblies such as connectors, terminals, standoffs, and other insulators that gives performance potential and long life prepared with plastics and other organic materials.

Within the field of medical instrumentation, ceramic components can be found in the following:

  • Pump components
  • Valves & seals
  • Thermocouples
  • Refractory Furnaces
  • Vacuum chambers – high-voltage feedthrough
  • High-pressure feedthroughs & housings for X-ray image intensifiers