Volume Resistivity

Volume resistivity is used to measure how strongly a material can oppose or resist the flow of electric current. Materials are categorized as having either high or low volume resistivity.

Materials such as Precision Ceramics Ultra-pure Alumina have the highest resistivity values at 2,000,000 [ohm-cm x 10^10] whereas Zirconia has low volume resistivity values at 10 [ohm-cm x 10^10].


Materials Ranked by Volume Resistivity

Precision Ceramics Ceramalox Ultra Pure has highest volume resistivity at 2 million [ohm-cm x 10^10] with low dielectric loss. Macor is the next with a drop of 1 million [ohm-cm x 10^10] and then another further drop of 900,000 to Shapal at 100,000 [ohm-cm x 10^10].

Alumina Material Brand CeramAlox Ultra Pure

Alumina (Al2O3) – CeramAlox™ Ultra Pure

2,000,000 [ohm-cm x 10^10]
CeramaAlox Ultra Pure is a very high purity (99.95%) grade of Alumina (Aluminium Oxide) exhibiting an exceptional combination of mechanical and electrical properties.

Macor Parts

Macor® – Machinable Glass Ceramic

1,000,000 [ohm-cm x 10^10]
Macor is a hybrid glass-ceramic with the versatility of a high performance polymer, the machinability of a metal, and the performance of an advanced technical ceramic.

Shapal Material Brand

Shapal Hi M Soft™ - Machinable AlN

100,000 [ohm-cm x 10^10]
Shapal Hi-M Soft is a hybrid type of machinable Aluminium Nitride (AlN) ceramic that offers high mechanical strength and thermal conductivity.

Aluminium Nitride Material Brand PCAN1000

Aluminium Nitride (AlN) – CeramAlum™ Various Grades

10,000 [ohm-cm x 10^10]
Aluminum Nitride (AlN) is an excellent material to use if high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties are required; making it an ideal material for use in thermal management and electrical applications.

Silicon Nitride CeramaSil-N Material Brand

Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) – CeramaSil-N™

10,000 [ohm-cm x 10^10]
Silicon Nitride has the most versatile combination of mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of any advanced ceramic material.

Related Properties



Density is the mass of a material per unit volume. The unit of measurement can be expressed in different ways and is referred us as g/cm3 but another measurement value is kg/m3.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity measures how easily heat is transmitted through a material. There is a growing specialist market for advanced ceramics use in applications with high thermal conductivity requirements.

Flexural Strength

Flexural Strength

Flexural strength, also known as bending strength, modulus of rupture or transverse rupture strength, is defined as the maximum stress in a material just before it yields in a bending test