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by | May 11, 2022

Precision Ceramics has attended a number of trade shows over the past 2 decades in various locations. Since 2012, it had been common for Precision Ceramics to attend two major exhibitions every year, generally one in Europe and the other in the USA. More recently, the industry was faced huge changes due to Corona where trade shows were not allowed.

In mid 2022, Precision Ceramics outlook for upcoming shows is looking healthy! From the 29th – 30th June – Advanced Material Show in Birmingham, from the 10th – 14th July – Ceramics in Europe in Krakow and from the 29th to 31st August the Ceramics Expo in Ohio. We look forward to seeing you there!

We prepared this post to take a look back over some of the trade shows we have attended in the past, many of which we will likely be visiting again in the future.


Precision Ceramics has had a presence at the three-yearly exhibition since the mid-1990’s the most recent being held at Messe Munich from 10th to 13th April 2018. Unfortunately, Ceramitec 2021 was cancelled due to Corona.

Ceramitec 2018 boasted over 15,000 participants from 93 countries, a floor space of 40,000 square metres in four themed halls and with 633 exhibitors from 38 countries.

“Ceramitec 2018 was a great success”, says Gerhard Gerritzen, Member of the Board of Management of Messe Munich. “I am particularly pleased with the fact that the positive trend indicated by the Ceramitec industry barometer, a survey we conducted among industry representatives during the run-up to the trade show to learn more about their investment behavior, has been confirmed at the event. The exhibitors could transact good business deals, had high-quality visitors at their booths and established a great number of new contacts.” Thus, the event has proven its reputation as an international key trade show once again. “And all this even though the conditions were slightly difficult—apart from this year’s unusually packed trade show calendar, we had a strike at Munich Airport on the opening day”, adds Gerhard Gerritzen.

For the first time, Precision Ceramics exhibited as part of the Ceramic Applications Group in Hall B6 within a dynamic, futuristically-designed 900m² area encompassing 39 other industry specialists. Side-by-side with the company’s traditional range of technical ceramics including Macor, Shapal Hi-M Soft and Boron Nitride, Precision Ceramics’ new and comprehensive range of in-house manufactured ceramics were also featured including CeramAlloy Nano HIP, CeramAlox and CeramaZirc Nano HIP ultra-high performance ceramics.

Ceramitec is the international key trade show for the ceramic industry and covers the entire spectrum of products and services ranging from classic ceramics and raw materials to industrial and technical ceramics and powder metallurgy.

Apart from Germany, the countries with the largest number of exhibitors were China, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Most of the international visitors came from Austria, China, France, Russia and Turkey, underlining, more than ever before, the importance of trade shows like Ceramitec to define the right interfaces between suppliers and their customers. 

The AVS International Symposium and Exhibition

The AVS International Symposium and Exhibition addresses cutting-edge issues associated with materials, processing, and interfaces in both the research and manufacturing communities. The weeklong Symposium fosters a multidisciplinary environment that cuts across traditional boundaries between disciplines, featuring papers from AVS technical divisions, technology groups, and focus topics on emerging technologies. The equipment exhibition is one of the largest in the world and provides an excellent opportunity to view the latest products and services offered by over 200 participating companies. More than 2,000 scientists and engineers gather from around the world to attend.

Short courses are offered in conjunction with the International Symposium providing specialized training in specific areas of vacuum science and related technologies. The Symposium also provides a Career Center available to all attendees. The Career Center covers such topics as résumé preparation, job search skills, networking, interviewing skills, and more. The Career Center provides the opportunity for job seekers to submit their résumés and meet with potential employers. Other symposia features include Tutorials, Professional Leadership opportunities and several related workshops.

Registered AVS attendees are invited to visit the exhibit which comprises an extensive display of tools, equipment, services and consulting for film deposition, surface and interface measurements and analysis, materials, chemicals, supplies, vacuum production and measurement, and related instrumentation for surface, interface and film measurements, as well as professional literature and publications in these topics.

In addition, consultants, engineers, biologists, chemists, physicists, purchasing professionals, scientists, students, technicians, and exhibitor staff working or studying in the fields of applied surface science, biomaterial interfaces, electronic materials and processing, magnetic interfaces, manufacturing science, MEMS/NEMS, nanoscience, thin film, plasma science, surface science, or vacuum technology are welcome to register for free of charge.

Reflecting on his week in Florida, Precision Ceramics Business Director, Geoff Randle, (above left) commented …

“… AVS 2012 provided us with the perfect opportunity to share our extensive knowledge and experience of technical ceramics for high vacuum applications with the large number of visitors to our stand.

Our presence at international trade shows has further highlighted our expertise and led to a wider global understanding of our ability to solve technical problems and provide a total ceramics solution …”

Hannover Messe

With 2012’s event was the clear focus on core technologies and services that enable industrial production, innovation and efficiency, the annual exhibition has become the world’s leading show for innovations and groundbreaking solutions in all the core sectors – industrial automation and IT, energy and environmental technology, industrial supply, production engineering and services – as well as research and development.

“This year the world’s leading industrial tradeshow addressed the key issue of the future of industry by presenting the solutions needed for tomorrow’s intelligent manufacturing operations. Hannover Messe is the only trade fair in the world which covers the entire spectrum, from individual components to fully functional, smart production lines. And this is precisely what industry decision-makers are looking for,” commented Dr. Jochen Köckler, member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe said back in 2012.

“Industry has found the focus of Hannover Messe to be right on target. The event has clearly revealed the long-term growth potential for exhibiting firms which is taking shape as a result of the push towards industry and customers are now ready to make the necessary investments,” he concluded.

Ceramics UK

The very first Ceramics UK Show was held at Telford International Exhibition Centre back in 2019 in which Precision Ceramics attended. It got off to a flying start on 10th and 11th July 2019, successfully showcasing the historical and growing technical ceramics industry in the UK with a truly international audience of both suppliers and end users.

With the ceramic industry growing in the UK, the show provided the perfect opportunity for the supply chain to access manufacturers directly.

Based in Britain’s manufacturing heartland, the event attracted world-renowned companies and engineering firms looking at the latest properties and solutions offered by technical ceramics. Among them were Precision Ceramics’ – our first UK exhibition presence for several years – and Managing Director, Steve Swallow, and Business Director, Geoff Randle, were delighted with the high level of visitors to our stand from a wide field of industries.

Co-located with The Advanced Materials Show, the two events showcased the very latest in high-performance materials technology for a range of applications including automotive, aerospace, construction, energy, electronics, sporting equipment and defence.


The International Electric Propulsion Conference is the premier international forum for spacecraft primes, hardware developers, government researchers, academic scholars, and students in the field of electric propulsion. The IEPC takes place every two years and is attended by more than 500 participants representing more than 25 countries.

This year’s programme contained more than 500 technical presentations spanning from propulsion device physics and development to on-orbit operation and satellite fleet management. The 2019 IEPC also had a rich and diverse technical programme featuring the latest developments and research results in the field, as well as a number of informative and educational events along with technical visits to nearby facilities.

Business Director, Geoff Randle, and US VP of Business Development, Kizzan Amer, attended the conference on behalf of Precision Ceramics.

Ceramics Expo

Precision Ceramics were on show again at Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, Ohio, on 30th April and 1st May.

There was a great reaction to the new two-day format, added features, and bustling atmosphere generated at the exhibition. Everyone came away from Cleveland energized, involved, and ready once again to push on and take ceramics to the next level. The expo has benefited greatly from a reputation established over a number of years and a loyal exhibitor group that welcomes new entrants every year. Precision Ceramics has had a presence at Ceramics Expo from the very first event.

Everything got under way with one of this year’s innovations – the pre-show VIP Reception and networking event held on the evening before the trade show opened its doors. Hundreds keenly attended this special gathering, and the added value was immediately evident. Once the expo was in motion, it was clear from the busy aisles early on the first day that this was going to be one of the industry highlights of the year. Not only was there a more impressive spread of exhibits than ever before, but everything scheduled for the visitors delivered. This included the Innovation Trail, a specially designed pathway across the show floor, highlighting companies at the forefront of research and development and especially those developing cutting-edge materials, technologies and solutions for a range of ceramic applications.

The twin-track conference was very well attended throughout. Here, the line-up of expert voices covered cutting-edge applications in ceramics and glass, materials and supply chain issues, technical and developmental advances, contributions to thermal management, energy and electrification, and the growing role of additive manufacturing, as well as presenting eagerly awaited sessions on sector-specific uses for advanced ceramics.

It’s no empty boast to say that Ceramics Expo 2019 hit all the right notes. Highly satisfied participants made the point emphatically including Precision Ceramics Executive VP Sales & Technology, Geoff Randle, and David Ostro, VP Sales, who were both delighted with the level of visitors to the Precision Ceramics stand.

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