Put Our Years of Experience to Work for You

At Precision Ceramics, we realize there are situations when our production capabilities do not match your needs, but you still want to receive ceramic material & application consultation from one of the world’s leading experts on advanced technical ceramics. Don’t worry, we can still help. Precision Ceramics is diversified across multiple technical ceramic materials, manufacturing techniques, and industries; giving us the unique advantage of being able to apply advanced ceramic knowledge from a variety of fields and applications in ways that no other companies can.

Ceramic Application & Material Consulting

Supporting Advanced Technical Ceramics Selection

Manufacturing a product from advanced technical ceramic materials, often requires specific considerations that differ from those needed in designing metallic or polymeric components. It is helpful to get expert advice early, as there are a broad selection of advanced ceramic materials available that have beneficial thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties which can differ considerably depending on the material selected. There are also a range of manufacturing processes available which need to be considered at the design phase, to ensure the most efficient and economic route to the final component.

We Are Your Technical Ceramic Authority

Precision Ceramics has accumulated years of experience in the pursuit of developing the world’s best advanced technical ceramic parts and continues to apply this knowledge everyday. In fact, multiple of the world’s premiere research institutions, companies, and organizations have used Precision Ceramics for their custom ceramic development projects. Contact us and see what we can do for you.