Enhanced Range of Shapal Hi-M Soft Rods Now Available

by | Nov 10, 2015

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The range of Shapal Hi-M Soft Rods available from Precision Ceramics has been enhanced to include 60mm, 70mm and 80mm diameters.

In standard lengths of 100mm, 150mm and 300mm, the new items have been added to the Precision Ceramics online shop and are now available for immediate despatch from stock.

Precision Ceramics are experts in everything Shapal and have been a main distributor in the United Kingdom and Europe for many years. More recently they have been given an exclusive distributorship in the USA by Shapal manufacturers, The Tokuyama Corporation of Tokyo, Japan.

Shapal Hi-M Soft™ is a new type of machinable ceramic and combines a high thermal conductivity with a high mechanical strength and with bending strengths of 30 kg/m. In particular, Shapal Hi-M Soft™ has an excellent sealing ability to vacuum. It also has good heat resistance and an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Ceramic materials are distinguished from metals and organic materials for their unique characteristics but their use is limited because of the difficulty in machining as they are generally hard and brittle. Shapal Hi-M Soft™ overcomes this problem and provides high thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength along with several other key advantages …

  • Excellent Machinability – Shapal Hi-M Soft™ can be machined by a broad range of methods such as drilling, turning and milling to form complex shapes with high precision.
  • Excellent sealing ability to vacuum.
  • Approximately five times as much thermal conductivity as that of alumina (aluminium oxide).
  • Bending strength of 30kg/mm2 is comparable to that of alumina.
    Excellent electrical insulation

Shapal Hi-M Soft™ is unique compared to other fine ceramics. Key properties include …

  • Low thermal expansion
  • High ability heat resistance
  • Low dielectric loss
  • Ultra high purity
  • Recently some types of machinable ceramics have been developed for better machinability and have attracted keen interest. Although they have high machinability, they are not suitable for engineering purposes due to bending strengths as low as 10Kg/mm2.

Based on its new and unique characteristics, Shapal Hi-M Soft™ has a broad range of uses as a structural material and for many other applications.

The introduction of the 60mm, 70mm and 80mm of Shapal Hi-M Soft Rods, complements an already comprehensive range of standard square bars, rods and sheets available from the Precision Ceramics online shop.

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