Ultra High-Performance Zirconia Nuts & Bolts

by | Nov 2, 2020

Zirconia Nuts and Bolts

Ultra high-performance Zirconia nuts and bolts usher in a tooling change for extreme environments.

There are vast ranges of these fittings with different threads, lengths, heads and even materials – although none will be Zirconia nuts and bolts! Walk into a hardware store or DIY Supermarket and you are spoilt for choice; you can pick and choose to match your needs.

But what happens when you have a particular application for which metal nuts & bolts are not suitable. The very material that gives them their strength now becomes a weakness.

We found a number of applications where metal fittings were not suitable due to temperature, environment or the requirement for electrical isolation and therefore the usual and simple engineering solution was not appropriate. Replacing metal nuts & bolts with technical ceramics was difficult as most metals have good tensile strength. Ceramics are good on compressive strength but not so good on tensile so picking the ceramic with the best properties was critical.

The materials of choice were our CeramaZirc grades of ultra high-performance Zirconia. Some of these materials are also optimised with our Hot Iso Pressing process to further enhance their properties and therefore extending their use in a wider field of applications.

Our new range of ceramic nuts & bolts are bespoke and made to your requirements. So if you have electrical, thermal or vacuum requirements for which metal fittings are not suitable, Precision Ceramics now have the capability to manufacture a ceramic alternative for you.

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Zirconia CeramaZirc Ultra Tough Brand Image



Zirconia is the toughest ceramic material offering high strength, wear resistance, and flexibility far beyond other technical ceramics. Zirconia offers thermal insulation performance.

CeramAlloy ZTA Material Brand

Zirconia Toughened Alumina


Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) is a high performance ceramic composite and a unique ceramic material by way of exhibiting a combination of high hardness, strength, wear and corrosion resistance.

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