Tokuyama AlN Powders

Jun 20, 2017

Precision Ceramics USA are pleased to announce that it has been selected as the Distributor of Tokuyama’s ALN powders in North America.

The successful development of Tokuyama’s Shapal Hi-M Soft machinable ALN/BN composite in America has led to the choice of Precision Ceramics as the powder distribution partner.

Grade H-T

A granulated free flowing material with sintering aid and organic binder, ready to press and form. Supplied in 10kg dry nitrogen packed containers , this material can be used on its own or with auxiliary sintering agents to produce a high purity material with low oxygen content.

Grade H

This is the base powder used to produce the H-T granule. Grade H is a high purity, low oxygen content base powder with fine controlled particle distribution designed to give a translucent finished product but without the sintering aids or binders allowing customers to structure their own product whatever the fabrication method required.

Grade E

This premium product has very high purity and even lower Ca, Si and Fe levels between 2-9 ppm enabling a finished translucent material.

Both E and H grade have primary particle sizes of about 0.6 micron and the particle surface has been stabilized to realize greater consistency. If you are hot pressing or cold forming, Tokuyama AlN powders offer the perfect solution to enable a high purity product with good thermal performance.

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